Many building owners and strata managers have been put in a position of risk as a result of the recent government legislations in relation to ACP (Aluminum Composite Cladding) compliance.

Be sure that your property is safe and protected from any issues relating to dangerous cladding.

We work with our partner CladCure to inspect and assess your building. CladCure can provide a full testing, assessment and compliance report, as required by your insurance provider and legally required under the new government legislation.

This service conducted by CladCure provides visibility on your building and allows you to simply and easily understand if and what rectification work is required on your facade. If your cladding compliance report indicates you need to replace your cladding - Restorial can efficiently and effectively carry out the work required.

Restorial offers complete rectification services, solving all of your cladding needs from safe removal of dangerous products to the re-installation of compliant materials. Our service and process combined with our high standard of project management provides building owners with piece of mind.